The Space I Occupy​/​The Hassle

by windings

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The Space I Occupy/The Hassle Double A-Side Single
First released in Feb 2012 as 7" Vinyl only on Out On A Limb Records


released February 6, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by Sean Harrold at Studio H
Mastered by Richard Dowling at WavMastering



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Space I Occupy
Dusted off my suitcase, threw it open on the bed,
then tried to think of what to put inside.
I still don't know where I'm headed, so it's not easy to decide.
I had to close it and store it away again for another while.

Got in my car and drove away, to fill that tank with fuel,
then drive and drive until that thing was empty.
But as I headed for the motorway, the engine it did fail.
I had turn back and park my car again for another day.

I'm not saying my back's up against a wall.
There's just something on my mind is all.
I get to wondering if everything will work out fine,
and I won't worry about the space i occupy.
Track Name: The Hassle
Don't speak to that man, don't even talk to that man
Don't speak or talk to that man, he's just beside you.
He won't recognise you, but thinks he used to know you, years ago
Now he's losing his sight, from the heat and the light
of all the secrets he knows

It won't come easy, it won't even get done properly
Thrown in a heap on the floor, it looks just like me
Can't recall it that clearly, but it still can make my stomach churn
Now i'm angered by quiet, by slight noise in the night
and by dream that move too slow

Once on our side, he had it all, handled everything
We held him close, like a grudge, Oh God I hope it's not me
We've done some stupid things,
but only some of them were serious
On any other day, I'd take this to my grave

Edging closer to death, when you are what you're fed.
and no-one wants to be here anymore
Draining blood from your cheeks, when your days are like weeks,
crying, crying
I should have done what I said