I Am Not The Crow

by windings

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Undergroundhero Being that this is my first purchase on Bandcamp, I am proud to find this fine discovery from Ireland known as Windings. Their album is entitled "I Am Not The Crow".

Windings is one of those rarities in 2012 that has a distinctive sound, unlike other typical bands. "Sun In My Bones", the first track from the album, is my personal favorite. The best part about Windings is that they don't try too hard, but what they do here they do it well, and is still uniquely original. A gem!

-Undergroundhero Favorite track: Sun in my Bones.
Matthew Organ
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Matthew Organ Since buying this album a month ago most of its tracks have found its way to my top 50 most played songs on itunes. Their best album to date. Buy it and play it loud. Favorite track: Something Outnumbered.
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Performed By:

Stephen Ryan
Patrick O Brien
Liam Marley
Michael Gavin
Brian Meaney

To purchase "I Am Not The Crow" on 12' Picturedisc Vinyl, please go to:


released October 12, 2012

Songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 Recorded by Efrim Menuck in Hotel2Tango, Montreal
Songs 5, 6, 8 Recorded by Tommy McLaughlin in Attica Audio, Donegal
Mixed by Sean Harrold at Studio H, Limerick
Mastered by Richard Dowling at WavMastering, Limerick
Artwork by M&E - www.me-me-me.se

Released on Out On A Limb Records 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sun in my Bones
Some things i won't allow myself,
and if not me, then nobody else.
I think it's reasonable.
Things I see when i close my eyes,
people singing about a past i can't recognise
and it leaves me cold.

Laid out in the dark believing there's sun in my bones
Could be alone before long
continuing this line of scheming surely is wrong
Could be alone before long
Track Name: Something Outnumbered
I'm told things once were different
but i've been here all of my life
and nothing ever really changed
maybe i'm looking through the wrong eyes

they could a light under here
they could light a fire but i'd burn if i could just stay by your side

There's not much hope of changing
and this place is becoming me
So keep all the good stuff to yourself
and hope all your hopes so secretly
Track Name: Alkaterian are Alright
All these moments seem like yesterdays
and yesterday's long gone
shit got real, it got legitimate
the way to do things turned out wrong
But nobody's taken over
no-one would want to anyhow
Left with a broken bunch of little things, of little worth,
for someone else to piece together

Breathe in, Slow Down, Sleep in,
but they won't wait for us all that long
Breathe in, Slow Down, Sleep in,
but they won't wait for us, and they're gone

Free from Safe House, Cave, and Comfort Zone,
with no objections anyhow
knowing there's no more room for these things
and all the time, the time was now.
Felt the worth in simple pleasures,
things will never, ever feel so good again
Free from meaning, and from circumstance, and with no equal
Without the power there's no pleasure
Track Name: This Is A Conversation
Something inside says to celebrate.
Something else inside says to keep right away,
these aren't your friends.

Let me in, I'm already a member
Let me in I said, I am a member,
and I've paid my dues.

So now I'm back in school again,
but strictly in a metaphorical sense.
If I had roots, I'd go back to them.
Track Name: I Am Not The Crow
Stole the list of an honest man, don't want to write my own,
Now things are getting done.
2000 miles are beautiful, you'd best take care of yourself,
turn you over to the next.
I'll sing too loud on this lullaby, while you try and rest,
ringing silence, interference
Stole the list of an honest man, don't want to write my own,
Now things are getting done.

Lost my way
things come too easy
Track Name: Cleaner
I took a job from a woman recently widowed
Times are tough, and I'm not proud,
almost a broken man from everything I'm owed.
I thought and thought, but not too hard,
thought maybe I'd just lost my way.
But when I stopped and looked around,
I saw everything's just the same as yesterday.

Blinded by sound
I'll probably head home

I went to the job, I met the widow,
I told her this wasn't to be my livelihood
She said "Then maybe you should stop"
But I couldn't, so I just said
"Yeah, well, maybe I should"
"And did you finish that promise?"
"I did, yeah, i finished years ago"
"And here you are now, still with me"
"yeah, I know"

Blinded by sound
I'll probably head home

I've hated most things at least once
So maybe now's the time for some fresh devilry.
But thoughts of waxy hands and greasy paws
means today's a day that i could just keep walking.
I threw some stones inside my home,
I couldn't hit a thing of consequence,
Cos all here's in need of some repair,
but it works if you know how to use it.

Blinded by sound
I'll probably head home
Track Name: Local Broken Man
On a bridge across a valley,
in the dark and dead of night.
I'm stuck in the middle,
and both ends are alight.
I guess I'm having a hard time.

Following roads, weakened, mile long, broken, collapsed,
to towns of carcassed concrete caverns,
where it looks like nothing has ever happened.

But behind broken windows and boarded doors,
In the gutters, from beneath misplaced manhole covers,
the brightest light did shine.