Be Honest And Fear Not

by windings

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Be Honest And Fear Not is the 4th long playing album from windings.
Released on Sep 30 2016 on Out On A Limb Records

Be Honest and Fear Not was recorded live by Tommy McLaughlin in Attica Audio, Donegal on the 23/24/25 August 2015, and he mixed it too. Except for the song Late Praise, because Mike Gavin recorded that in June 2016 in MGCC, Limerick, and Mike also mixed it.

Richard Dowling mastered the Album in WavMastering, Limerick.

Aoife Donnellan sings on Late Praise, and Jean Wallace plays harp. Both do so wonderfully, and we are very grateful to them.

Patrick O Brian and Mike Gavin did all the artwork for this record, and Patrick took the lovely picture you see on the cover. This picture can be seen in real life on the step in the front entrance of Devitt’s Hardware shop in Ennistymon, Co. Clare. Thank you to Devitt’s for graciously allowing us use this image for our record cover.

Also, sincere thanks to everyone who helped us and stuck with us through the making of this record (and all our records), we couldn’t do it without you guys, truly x

windings are Steve Ryan, Patrick O Brien, Mike Gavin, Brian Meaney, Liam Marley

NOTE: this album is DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. For 12" heavyweight vinyl orders please go to the bigcartel link in our websites section


released September 30, 2016

Recorded by Tommy McLaughlin at Attica Audio
Additional Recording by Mike Gavin at Even Audio
Mastered by Richard Dowling at wavmastering Limerick
Released by Out On A Limb Records
Written and performed by windings



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ambivalence Blues
I think I’m starting to dislike this place
But I’ll defend it, ‘til there’s nothing left
I’ll extol its every breath
With its boot in my face
I’m starting to dislike this place
I think I’m starting to dislike this place
See us kneeling on your filthy stage
Crying out on your radio stations
We just wanted to have the chance
To put a little noise in the air
Just some noise to show that we’re there
Some noise to show that we’re there
Hey all you future generations,
Don’t you get it?
We don’t give a fuck
It’s getting harder to escape
When there’s less and less stuff to run from

And if you think respect is overrated
Maybe that’s because you just weren’t meant to get it
And when it comes to meeting new friends
Try not to think of it as making up numbers for your funeral
Track Name: Boring
I tried to throw a plastic bottle at the singer of The Frames
I was going through a hard time, thought he might’ve been to blame
I was angry at myself I didn’t want to be a cleaner
I was angry with myself still couldn’t play Cavatina
But now I’ve read all the autobiographies
Of people way worse than me
So now I’m working on a new list of outrage
Cos this is getting boring

Thrown voice of the people
Show your face
Or park it chickenshit

Get on-board with a bad idea
And a bunch of never won nothin’ no-ones
We’re the leaders of the new believers
And we’re going to be as relevant as radio
I’m intimidated by this new sincerity
I get confused with celebrating mediocrity
Constantly searching for the next smart thing to say
Now this is getting boring
Track Name: I'm Alarmed
You’ve not yet realised it but they’re gone
All up and left when the hard times got too strong
And sometimes when I wish I gave a shit I just pause
We used to live long before we sold ourselves out from under us

Squeeze tighter
I’m alarmed

Now it’s not the same as it once was
There’s a change a difference in your brain
No real cause
Pangs and aches fractures and breaks
No medication to take it away
Welcome New Life
World of Pain
Track Name: Stray Dogs
Listen briefly
These words are ones that I’ll regret
Purple useless strained
And bordering on reprobate
The stray dogs of my mortality tear at my ankles once again
Closer closer
So close that I can feel it’s breath
And if I didn’t do this
I know that someone else would have
Every note is an apology but every word is a regret
Track Name: A Better Place
If this was a better place
Could this be a better job?
See I can’t hold this pace
They still wont wait for us
Flicking through pages from the past
Reading about things that couldn’t last
Giving up or saving face
There’s not much difference

Could this be what it never was?
All of these memories are seen through fog
But through this haze, I can make things clear
Or maybe make them all disappear
Track Name: You're Dead
Another dream another graveyard
And all the tombs are open again
Finding pain where once was pleasure
And pleasure in the abiding of pain
Anyone could do what you do
It’s not like God is going to punish you
Anyone could do what you do
Like who on earth is going to tell on you

You’re dead
You are

La la la…
Track Name: Late Praise
Please forgive me
I’ve been average
Almost defeated
Ambition ravaged
Haven’t won a prize for innovation lately
But to know that you are always here is what makes me

If I met you
When we were younger
We could’ve been together that bit longer
And when you hear this
I know you’ll say it sounds needy
But to know that you are there to hear is what makes me

Complete removal or total immersion?
I’ve always struggled
I could never say for certain
When the inevitable disappointment greets me
Ill survive
Ill reach out you’ll be there
Because you’re what makes me